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[Black Ops] What is you favorite black ops gun ?

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Hey guys ! i am alextheking1 playing on playstation 3 and i am asking you, what if you favorite black ops gun ? and wich perks do you use to make it deadly ?

For myself, the m16 is definitivly my favorite weapon in black ops!

Have fun on black ops !


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2[Black Ops] What is you favorite black ops gun ? Empty Favorite Gun & Test reply on Tue Apr 19, 2011 11:36 pm

I'm testing out writing a reply, but to answer your question:

I'm a big fan of the G11 with no attachment. I like to use flak jacket pro, sleight of hand pro, and tactical mask pro. These perks make you immune to both primary and secondary grenades, plus you can aim/reload quickly. Hardened would work too.

A class that I picked up from Kiddy Kong is AK-47 with dual mags & SoH. That one works well too.

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3[Black Ops] What is you favorite black ops gun ? Empty Famas/G11 on Tue Apr 19, 2011 11:38 pm

i am a fan of G11 and the Famas
mostly famas because you unlock it earlier
i like the G11 with either varible zoom or no attachment with sight of hand pro, you can practictly quickscope (2shot kill, 3 burst each shot)

and i like the famas quite alot, good firing rate.
normally i use it with ext mags because im normally to lazy to reload lolol
and with sight of hand as welll

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The davz-cannon is really deadly.

Just kidding haha, I like the famas ak47 commando and g11 a lot.
I use soh 24.7 f-jacket with dual mags and ninja, sometimes i mix it up with scavenger lol!

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its either Galil with Silencer. With Ghost Pro, Sleight of Hand, and Hacker.
or AK-74u with Grip and Silencer. With Ghost Pro, Warlord, and Hacker.
or M14 with grip and Silencer. With Ghost Pro, Warlord, and Ninja.
or if players are making me angry i use the AUG with a grenade Launcher. Scavenger, hardened and hacker.

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I hate kids with silencer and ghost...

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well i use that untill my other perks go pro. once that happens i will able to use Scavenger

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